Actionable Metrics vs Vanity Metrics: why it matters?

Actionable Metrics vs Vanity Metrics: why it matters?

Actionable Metrics vs Vanity Metrics

Which metrics should you get excited about, and which should be consigned to the forgotten regions?

Basically, vanity metrics don’t translate into appreciable business value for your organization. In the world of Digital Marketing, vanity metrics include raw page views, for example, time spent on the site and other well-known rates. Knowing that customers are spending time reading your content is excellent; however, such metrics often fail to provide the kind of clarity that facilitates revenue growth.

Vanity Metrics

Vanity Metrics are the kind of metrics that you should not be obsessed about. Some vanity metrics deserve that you should be looking at like: Page Follows/Likes, Post Comments, Post Likes, Post Shares, Clicks Etc. You can be proud of having 10,000 followers on Instagram. That’s fantastic, congratulations! But you may want to focus a little more on a few other important Social Media metrics and dive deeper if you’re looking to improve your Social Media marketing strategy and get new customers out of your Social Media.

Actionable Metrics

Actionable Metrics are essentially what vanity metrics are not! These are metrics that correlate actions with outcomes/results that can be tied to your business income. Important Social Media metrics that track customer interest in your products, conversation with your customers about your services or locations, how to buy, and more are indeed essential.

If you’re a business owner, you certainly have business goals you want to achieve through Social Media. That’s why you’re developing a Social Media marketing strategy in the first place. That’s why you are hiring a professional to take care of your Social Media. Actionable metrics are the numbers/data you will need to analyze to determine the success/failure of your strategy, how and where to update your strategy, and gain relevant insights on your target audience.

Monitoring and analyzing key metrics is a must for your Social Media marketing strategy. Improving your analysis game will allow you to create a more on-point content strategy for your target audience and ensure your Social Media strategy aligns with your goals and actually working.

Your Social Media presence can be your best salesperson; if it is not, we can make that happen for you.


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