This is how we set our clients’ Google Business Profile for Success!

This is how we set our clients’ Google Business Profile for Success!


What is “Google Business Profile,” and why do I need it?

The Google Business Profile, what used to be GMB, is a free easy-to-use platform that allows any business with a physical location to have a listing on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

Many businesses opt to create a free Google listing or what is also often called a Business profile to get more visibility on google. That is an excellent first step, but it is far from being enough!

You need to have management and editing capabilities over your listing for it to work as an effective SEO tool and generate leads.

How do you do that? You simply have to create a Google Business Profile account and take ownership of your listing. This means that it needs to be both optimized and managed.

Yes, managed a Google Business Profile is not a set it and forget it type of project!

Then you can manage your profile and make the proper updates to engage with customers and generate valuable leads.

Once you take charge of this fantastic free digital tool and manage your profile smartly, you are definitely on the right track. It will help you:

  • Engage with potential and existing consumers
  • Collect reviews
  • Highlight your business
  • Gain insights
  • Perform better in local queries about your services and products

Even media are talking about how Google Business Profile can make a difference for Businesses. Just, take a look at this article On Forbes, for instance:  “The Value of Google My Business”.

How can you make the best out of Google Business Profile?

At WebPower, we know how important it is to use different channels and leverage every digital tool for our clients’ business success. The Google Business Profile is a precious tool for your SEO, and with our help, it will be perfectly set up for success!

Our Digital Marketing specialists will dive deep into every step of this process. We are committed not only to drive the best results but also we guarantee you a wonderful learning experience.

Many of our clients say that, among other things, what they like about us is how we continuously share valuable information with them, educate their teams in the process and empower them to make well-informed decisions for their Digital Marketing.

Our goal is to make sure our client gets to know and understands how we are helping his/her business, guide them through every step of the process, explain different choices and decisions and of course, help their business reach their full potential.

How we take care of your Google Business Profile?

First, through our free audit, we assess the current business profile. Together, we will point out the vulnerabilities and define priorities. You do not have an account yet? No worries, we can help you set it up and get it verified by Google as well.

Then, our marketing experts will invest the time and effort to walk you through every aspect of this audit.

Why are we doing it? What are the critical sections? How can you use these to enhance your customer experience and drive more business?…

The list of what we provide in this initial audit goes on and on.

You can talk to one of our Digital Marketing experts.

We will answer all your questions and clarify every detail. This process is very important to us, as it helps our team get a better understanding of your goals and desires.

Plus, it will help us guarantee you a great experience; you will get the best marketing results and insights and also learn about the methods and techniques that will get you to succeed.

Moreover, our team is very well structured. We commit to serve our clients with complete transparency and guide them through every step of the project.

We will walk you through your Google Business Profile features, and services. Our marketing specialists will invest the time to make sure our clients are well informed of their project’s status and completely satisfied.

Our marketing specialists will make sure you fully understand how this tool works and its fantastic impacts on your business performance.

Together, we will define the goals to reach and do everything possible to get you there.

While working on your project, our team commits to keeping communications open and straightforward with you. We will regularly discuss the status of the project, any progress, milestones, and expectations.

Our specialists will keep you informed every step of the way so you can notice the changes as they are implemented and also notice the results.

After working on your account, we will perform a second audit. This will give you a clear overview of the project’s status before and after our work.

You will be able to see the difference and get the best out of this tool.

Our focus is always on our clients and their business needs. We want to provide quality services and make sure our clients see the benefits of what we do for them.

We thrive to create a unique customer journey through good communication, integrity, and good work, to realize our clients’ goals.

We can also provide customized training sessions so that you or your in-house marketing team can finally master this tool and manage it regularly on your own if that’s what works best for you.

Moreover, our marketers will help you leverage other digital channels to optimize your Google business profile.

Through social media, your official website, reviews, and more, you will be able to implement the right changes to drive positive results and repurpose content that you already have!

Your Google Business Profiles relies on all digital channels available to define your accounts’ visibility, and you should understand how to use that for your best interest and stay ahead of the competition.

Talk to an expert:

There is no doubt that  your Google Business Profile is an essential element of your digital footprint.

It helps your customers find you, find valuable information about your business, look into reviews, posts, and more. If you do not set it up, manage it and update it accordingly, you risk failing in many aspects!

So, if you would like to get to know more about this or have any questions, we can provide you with a free strategy session with our Digital Marketing experts.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Google Business Profile and how our agency will provide you with the best experience setting up and enhancing your account.

If you have any questions about our services and marketing strategies, do not hesitate to contact us!

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