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6 steps to improve Your SMO

Before looking at the 6 steps to improve your Social media optimization (SMO), let’s take a step back and highlight something that every business should know.

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Do the math: SEO + UX =…!


User experience Refers to how your visitors will perceive your website. If this feeling is positive, they will come back. If it is not, you already know the answer!!


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How to make Google love you?

First Rank Google 2019

Millions of website owners around the globe dream to be Google’s favorite! There is no magic in that, but you will need a lot of science, art, and expertise to get there. But be sure, it’s much simpler than you may think it is!

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What is so special with IGTV?


IGTV or « Instagram TV » is a new Instagram service. It was launched in June 2018. IGTV simply allows users to view and share videos in a vertical mobile-friendly format. Read More