What is better : Organic SEO or Paid SEO ?

What is better : Organic SEO or Paid SEO ?

Organic SEO or Paid SEO ?

No good marketer will answer with yes or no to this question. In fact, it looks like a simple one but it is not a simple question!

We know you want a clear answer NOW, so here it is: Both methods have specific benefits, use cases, and drawbacks. But one thing for sure, knowing and combining them the right way will allow you to get the best return for your search marketing budget, that‘s what our team does for our clients. Let us present some major differences:

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization( SEO)?

The terms “organic” or “natural” are used to differentiate it from paid services basically. Your SEO is organic when people visit your website via search results without clicking on an ad. It is based on many criteria: the quality, popularity, relevancy, depth of your website, and many other criteria.

Marketers use SEO to get high search engine rankings ( TOP 3). The goal is to be on the first page and then move into the top three rankings for specific keywords. The higher your website’s ranking is, the more you are visible and likely to get height traffic.

Major Organic SEO benefits and drawbacks

  • Trust and credibility: Whether we like it or not, high search engine rankings come with a perception of credibility and trust. It implies industry authority and leadership too. This perception is easily translated into a bigger likelihood of clicking on the website.
  • Long-Lasting: The highly ranked content may rank high long after the content was created, and then you can focus on your ROI.
  • Click-through rates: Click-through rates are far better for organic search results.
  • Time: Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords involved, the size of your website, and the expertise of your SEO team, it may take months or years to get high rankings. At WebPower, we know how to go straight to the point and make you earn weeks of SEO ranking!


What is Paid Search?

Paid search is basically advertising on SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages). If it’s a major platform, chances are you can rent ad space on it. Google Search is no different. Google Ads is a system that allows you to insert your links in strategic places on SERPs. Google ads will enable you to target your ads to specific locations, add additional features that don’t show up on organic search results, and more.

Major Paid SEO benefits and drawbacks

  • Time: Unlike organic search rankings that can take months, paid results are placed at the top of rankings as soon as you pay for ad placement!
  • Targeting: PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaigns can be tailored to reach specific target audiences at specific periods. Segmentation includes geo-targeting, income, age, educational level, marital status, industry, and more.
  • Click-through rates (CTR): Searches using terms that denote high purchase intent, such as product or brand-specific keywords, will get more clicks than organic results.
  • Addiction: Unlike Organic SEO, it stops as soon as you stop paying.
  • Quality: If you don’t have a quality website, you are more likely to pay your ranking much more expensive than other advertisers.


Stronger Together!


You, for sure, noticed that none of the SEO techniques above is perfect or enough by itself. We definitely need both Organic and Paid SEO to build great SEO!

When done right, they can each separately get your brand far. Organic SEO and Paid SEO are at their best when built together, with a rock-solid website SEO that can produce better results.

At WebPower, our SEO team knows how to use each of these SEO techniques to bring you traffic, client leads, and website purchases.

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